Neues Testament 1




Hebrews: Faith In History

Projektbeginn: 01.10.2011
Projektart: Dissertation
Projektzugehörigkeit: Prof. Dr. David S. du Toit
Themenbereich: Katholische Briefe


I propose to justify a possible alternative to a supersessionist reading of Hebrews. By exegesis and comparison with other texts, a new approach centers on a distinction between sufficiency (of the cult) and necessity (in two parts: of Christ and faith in Him), the author’s singular appeal to a future consummation and the assumption that the Old Testament is Christian Scripture. It acknowledges a distinction between the historia salutis and the ordo salutis, relating to the faith described. It provides a better account of the fact that Hebrews fails to provide a comparison of the Mosaic and Christian epochs as religio-historical economies in the letter; indeed it sees the letter taking its place in the long line of Jewish prophets calling their people to repentance and faith in their covenant God. It shows how the divergent parts relate to the author’s strong assertion the necessity from the beginning of the work of Christ and faith in Him for salvation.