Neues Testament 1




A semantic Analysis of ἐπιθυμία in Paul (Andrew Bowden)

Projektbeginn: 15.10.2012
Projektende: 15.10.2020
Projektart: Dissertation
Projektzugehörigkeit: Prof. Dr. David S. du Toit
Themenbereich: Paulinische Theologie
Lexikographie und Semantik des frühschristlichen Griechisch
Griechisch-römische Kultur und Neues Testament


The goal of this study is to make semantic observations about ἐπιθυμία (and cognates) in Greek texts from the Roman Empire, including in the undisputed Pauline epistles. This analysis seeks to understand how Roman imperial use of these lexemes compared, contrasted, and possibly served as the contextual backdrop for Paul’s use of the terminology. After introducing the history of research related to ἐπιθυμία and cognates in the Pauline epistles, this study presents a method of semantic analysis that seeks to identify the denotation, reference, and sense relations of lexemes, in this case, of ἐπιθυμία and cognates in the Roman Empire. The analysis then examines specific Roman imperial texts, namely, Oration 4 by Dio Chrysostom, the Discourses by Epictetus, the Cynic epistles, The Tyrannicide by Lucian, and the Septuagint to see if the suggestions regarding the semantics use of ἐπιθυμία and cognates are complete or in need of revision. Once ancient cultural conceptions of ἐπιθυμία and cognates have been established, Paul’s use of the terminology is examined, with the goal of analyzing his arguments in the light of the map of cultural frames rendered by the analysis in Roman imperial texts.